About Us

The mission of the Community Children's Clinic is to provide medical care for sick children living in Midland County, in a manner consistent with the standards of care available from a private family physician, for families facing income challenges. The services offered by the clinic allow uninsured and underinsured, low-income families to receive care for their sick children. Parents pay a $20 fee upon receipt of medical care. 

The fee does not cover all of the expenses incurred in providing care and prescriptions for our pediatric patients. Additional expenses are covered by the generosity of the community donors who partner with the parents in providing the needed pediatric care.   We do not receive any government or state funding.

About Us

If needed, prescriptions are filled in-house in our pharmacy.  Parents receive discharge instructions from the physician and then again from the pharmacist regarding medications.

The clinic is a 501c3 charitable organization. 

Community Partners

United Way of Midland is an important partner in ensuring children can receive the medications they need from our in-house pharmacy.  They make it possible for Midland families to ensure their children receive quality, affordable health care needed.

Our Story

The clinic was started in 1983 by the Presbyterian churches in Midland to serve children of Midland's low-income families who had no other resources for health care.   


Community Children's Clinic has been providing quality affordable health care to sick children ages 7 months to 18 years old with a small staff of paid employees and a wealth of volunteers, including doctors, pediatric nurses and interpreters. The clinic receives funds from private sources such as individual donations, local foundations, grants and church and civic organizations.