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How your donation will make a difference.
No patient is ever turned away if unable to pay!

You will help children like Annie who came to the clinic with abdominal pain that had become increasingly severe over the previous two days. At the clinic it was determined that she had a ruptured appendix; she was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. After a few days, she was released from the hospital, on her way to good health again. Had the clinic not been here and had the family waited any longer, the outcome might not have been so positive. 

You will also help people like Jim, a single father raising 3 boys, who works in the oilfield long hours for hourly wages. On a Monday the school called because his son had a fever. Jim left work to care of him and came to the clinic the next day. His son was treated and sent home with an antibiotic. We asked Jim what he would have done if we had not been here and he said, "I would have had to take him to the emergency room and then I would have waited until Friday (payday) to get the prescription filled." Seeing the doctor helped him get well sooner and allowed his father to return to work. 


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